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Six people died following grenade attack in Rwanda capital Kigali

Kigali: At least 6 people are reported dead from the large blast that rocked a busy area of Kigali center Wednesday evening – which is going to change the lives of many people who were seriously injured. Police arrested 3 people on the scene, and spokesman Eric Kayiranga said Thursday that no new details were available as yet, as investigations continue. At about 20minutes to 19:00hours, a large explosion w ...

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Vote counting ends in Rwanda as Paul Kagame takes it all by 93.8%

This is the third day of vote counting as the Monday’s preliminary count from 11 districts predicts that the ruling party RPF-Inkotanyi has got 92.9% and 96% from Diaspora as the second party PSD has only 4.5% The reliable sources in the electoral commission say that RPF’s strong man Paul Kagame have won on high percentage of 93.8% meaning he has to remain in office for another seven years Kagame's supporte ...

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South Africa recalls its Ambassador to Kigali

By Robert Mugabe South Africa has recalled its ambassador to Kigali following a diplomatic row over the shooting of an exiled Rwandan army general in Johannesburg, the foreign ministry said Thursday. The director general in the S.Africa foreign ministry, Ayanda Ntsaluba was quoted by Paris based news agency AFP as saying that his country have called their ambassador for consultation but not breaking the rel ...

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