About Great Lakes Voice

“A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy.” – Nelson Mandela (February 14, 1994)

Great Lakes Voice (GLV), is an independent news network with a mission to foster Peace and democracy in the Africa Great Lakes Region.

Great Lakes Voice, is owned and registered under THE VOICE LTD. with the offices in Kigali, opposite Kigali Institute of Education.

Great Lakes Voice is not affiliated with any political party or a religion but is rather an independent source of news for the Great Lakes Region. Our approach is regional, and we try to provide every detail of independent news to our audience.

Great Lakes Voice (GLV) have Six permanent Correspondents in five countries who work hard to cover the region.

GLV is registered in Rwanda,and takes the full responsibility of any story published.however, the comments made on the story doesn’t reflect our editorial line.

We welcome your views through info@greatlakesvoice.com,  or by leaving your comment on our articles.

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