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Staying in touch and being informed is of vital importance. Nowadays, we are surrounded by tons and tons of news from all around the world. However, the news seems to cover only the supposedly more important countries and forgets the countries that are far-flung. But not anymore! With you get all the news from the area of Great Lakes In Africa – because keeping in touch counts!

At the Great Lakes Voice, they want to make sure the news coming from this region stay important and heard. This webpage is an independent news network with a mission to promote harmony among the people and democracy in the Africa Great Lakes Region.

Tabula rasa

The GLV is not a part of any political party or a religion. They are independent. The area they currently cover stretches over five countries. Their goal is to provide as many non-bios news to their audience.

The main topics discussed are daily news, business, opinion, editorial, even on food and society. They are glad to receive any kind of feedback as they continuously strive to develop their webpage to be even more profound in news and user friendly. You can contact them on Twitter, Facebook, or per mail

Tell it all

The team of writers isn't afraid to report on most gruesome crimes. With their professional work ethics, they make sure to provide their readers with only proofed news. They recently reported on how torture is used on extracting confessions from people by the Burundi’s police and intelligence service.

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This post has already been read 9447 times!

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