Catholic priests accuse the forces of the order of arbitrary arrests and abductions

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The Catholic priests of the Archdiocese of Kananga in the province of Kasai Central, denounced abductions, arbitrary arrests and extortion which they attributed to the security forces. They sent a memorandum on Friday 9 March to the governor of Kasai-Central, Denis Kadi.

“The current context we live in Kananga is marked by a strong psychosis caused by abductions of people who have become commonplace and arbitrary arrests.” This psychosis, fuelled by the presence of a vehicle unlicensed and identifiable by its white colour, carrying men in FARDC uniforms, not otherwise identified, plunges the vast majority of our population into despair, says the Memorandum.

In this twelve-page document, the clergy of Kananga lists some thirty cases of insecurity identified since the beginning of the year in the city.

The document presents dates, names, places where these incidents took place. Among the security incidents, the priests reported kidnappings, which, according to the document, had been carried out by military personnel sometimes.

The clergy of Kananga also denounced arbitrary arrests and cases of extortion that would have been the culprits of the law enforcement forces. The priests recommend to the forces of the order to stop provoking the population by showing off the weapons, to “break with the culture of the easy trigger and arbitrary arrests, under the pretext of stalking militiamen and seeking to gain the confidence of The population “.

“In view of our prophetic mission, the priests write in their memorandum, we take our pastoral responsibility to denounce all these cases.”

The Catholic clergy questioned the multiplication of safe incidents in a city where, he said, security services were ubiquitous.

In the end, Catholic priests ask for the abolition of the operational sector at the K

This post has already been read 2979 times!

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