Chinese-made Sinotruks used to showcase missiles in North Korea

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While Kim Jon un flaunted his weaponry to the world to mark North Korea’s biggest national holiday last Saturday, it emerged that Chinese-made trucks were used to display missiles in a huge military parade that was staged by Pyongyang.’

The images of submarine-launched missiles being pulled by vehicles made by Chinese company Sinotruk revealed the difficulty in enforcing strict UN sanctions on the reclusive state.

About 80 percent of North Korean overseas trade – including essential food and fuel products – is with China, a signatory of sanctions which ban the export largely of goods which Pyongyang could use to build up its military.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China conducts “normal” business with the North while adhering to UN Security Council sanctions which began in 2006.

A sales manager for a Sinotruck dealer told the AP news agency that the trucks were modified for military use after being sold to North Korea.

Beijing banned the import of coal from North Korea in mid-February, but its overall trade with North Korea has increased, customs officials told AP last week.

China’s influential Global Times newspaper threatened on Tuesday that China could halt “petroleum exports” to its neighbor, a move that would have a devastating effect on the North.

Pyongyang imports almost all its crude oil from China.

However, the state-run media outlet said China would never help the US with measure that would cause “the direct overthrow of the Pyongyang regime.”

“Cooperative efforts by China and the US will under no circumstance evolve into any kind of military action against North Korea,” said the newspaper, which has close ties with the ruling Communist Party.

Tensions have escalated over North Korea in recent weeks amid fears that Pyongyang is set to carry out its sixth nuclear test, a move that could provoke a response from US president Donald Trump, who ordered an aircraft carrier group to the region.

US Vice president Mike Pence has assured Japan that Washington would stand with its ally in the event of hostilities from Pyongyang.

This post has already been read 2940 times!

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