Doors open for talks; Catholic Church should keep order- Mende

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By Josephine Lukoyamende

Kishansa-DRC-The DRC government denounces the current controversy of the Democratic Union for Social Progress (UDPS) regarding its participation in the political dialogue initiated by President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila.

In a press briefing Wednesday, December 2, Kabila’s spokesman Lambert Mende evokes favorable position in the forum the president of the party of opposition Etienne Tshisekedi and the position of his son, Felix Tshisekedi.

“With the proliferation of the controversy of this political party, it loses a little its Latin. We prefer to perhaps consider the convergent points that we find in the communiqué signed by the chairman of this party, Etienne Tshisekedi “, said Lambert Mende.

In an interview with UDPS national secretary in charge of external relations, Félix Tshisekedi said that his party will not take part in political dialogue “made by Kabila”, accusing the president of attempting to “slippage” of his mandate which expires in November 2016.

The spokesman said the Government did not comment on the preferred position of Felix Tshisekedi.

“Some parties are accustomed to self-valuation postures. We will not put us to formalize us every time a part of the party wanting to showcase speaks like a hawk “, said Lambert Mende.

The spokesman for the government confirmed the forthcoming meeting is legal.

“We prefer to act positively considering the decision of Mr. Etienne Tshisekedi of being the sole authority to convene such a forum in our country, Joseph Kabila and rapprochement between the two figures as the President has said that in case of difficulty, an international co-mediation is possible”

Lambert Mende said that Tshisekedi seemed to attach much importance to this international mediation.

“The doors are not closed”, he assured.

Regarding the last message of the Catholic Church, recalling the respect of constitutional deadlines by the regime the government spokesman also recalled that the evocation of the blood and call for insurrection are unacceptable and must be punished. “Catholic church must get away with bad behavior of inciting people but be a channel to build social cohesion and stability,” Mende said.

This post has already been read 13518 times!

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