DR.Congo; a stout war green

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The land is green and enriched with minerals and hungry, angry neighbors. The factions that, whatsoever must take advantage of the three or four factors are evolving variously.

M23 is the lasts hitting international news headlines and causing clamors even amongst generations that have little know of regional conflicts but are now instilled with a feeling to suspect their surrounding safety.

M23, the nomenclature itself seems to have been put together with intently to fill Congolese with fear, has caused the biggest displacement in more than fifteen years of warring in the vastly large country.

It is estimated that more than 900,000 displacements internally and externally to Rwanda and Uganda.

More than 5 million people have succumbed to wars in Congo since world war two.

M23 is also part of that. There are, however, other factions also fighting and victimization of civilians is stained on their hands. The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDRL) has also been blamed for provocatively attacking Rwanda during the recent M23 skirmishes and is seen as a rebel militia threatening regional security. CNDP is no longer that resounding.

The war in most African countries is blamed on guys in the west playing behind scenes. This could be what is about to heard when any of the solitary-guys are unveiled and their hands are found stained with a mash of lymph and blood.

Politicians seem to have little or no sympathy for the victims of their brain-makings and go ahead suggesting that some of them that seat a bit higher are, in fact, playing the dirtiest. Politicians that are already angered by their counterparts for, may be failing to agree on sticking points, reveal that what is indeed escalating the conflict and war in DRC is, exhortionism and exploitationism.

The unseen guys behind scenes have invested heavily and are not going to stop reaping massively from the greens; they are ready to keep a green warring-ground for their daily bread.

Those that complain that some of them are failing them to win peace and security are at a point, may be, indulging in the same bloody-business and only want to confuse even those that might war for precisely true causes.

The vastly rich country being torn apart by other super powers?

That is concisely what could be the truth. Because even history narrates that all that is languishing the DRC and the region is chaos is, instilled, incepted and stimulated greed, antipathy, defeatism, imported from the colonial mindsets. Neo-colonialism has since independence indirectly and directly aggravated that.

It is, thus, what that so called politico elites or the caucuses feeding upon regardless of a savaged populace that has a general mindset of fending for their abjectly poor livelihoods amid poor economies struggling with social-political problems.

The fighting in DRC between their defense forces, M23,FDLR, and other militia is going to be prolonged and will not decline in this materialistic general.

Normally, people have a tendency of siding with the strongest or richest than they do with the weakest and poorest.

This is also the habit with politicians.

No politician is going to kill all their fighters that have or are suspected of fetching them loads of money and riches just to appease prim staunches in the other half. No; instead they are going, normally it has been witnessed, fully equip their rebel groups and attempt to overthrow the governments and own and devour the country.

This implies that negotiations or roundtable talks will be shunned and war, conspiracy emulates the evils of the past.

Already the African populace is dying off amid diseases, poverty, illiteracy and war.

This post has already been read 11528 times!

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