DRC: LRA rebels condition return to Uganda

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The Ugandan rebels of the LRA have announced their willingness to return to their country of origin, in a letter to the territorial authorities of Dungu (Haut-Uele).

This LRA letter written in English on March 3 reached the Dungu authorities through a street vendor. It was the subject of a meeting of the territorial security committee expanded last Saturday.

Father Jean-Pierre Bagudekia, director of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission in Dungu, lists some of the conditions imposed by the LRA:

“One, if they appear in a village and if they also cut the roads, that the population does not panic. Two, that people indulge in fishing and hunting without fear. Those who hunt, that they dare not shoot at them, LRA elements. Three, a harsh warning against any attack from our security forces. In retaliation, they will decimate those villages in which they were attacked. Four, that the civilian population traveling is not accompanied by armed soldiers.

For the spokesman of the Uele FARDC operational sector, Captain Carlos Kalombo, the LRA wants to distract the Congolese population and its authorities. His departure from the DRC can in no case be subject to prerequisites.

Carlos Kalombo maintains that the FARDC will continue to hunt down these rebels to put an end to this phenomenon.

“If they want them to surrender to the FARDC and lay down their arms. At that moment, they will be repatriated simply. But with the spirit of their letter there in any case it’s a distraction. For us, the fight continues until they will lay down their arms and return to their country in peace, “said the military officer.

The local civil society, for its part, invites the population not to trust this letter and to work closely with the FARDC.

This post has already been read 2581 times!

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