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    shadrack lewa

    Thanks for the editorial of the Great Lakes voice for highlighting this transport menance,many people here in our country Kenya have lost there loved ones,friends and relatives due to road accidents.
    The passenges plights here are seems not to important when come to transport issues,over speeding,over loading and breaking of the highway code is notorious by many pessangers vehicle.
    We experince many accidents during the holidays where many hardworking citizens are travell to there respective homes to meet with there relatives,normal drives are in a harry to load and offload passenges between two points regardless of there fatige.
    The dangarous roads being the Kenya highways where bribe of police and floating of trafiic rules are common subjects.we need to copy our brothers from Rwanda to practice proffessionalism in this sector in order to reduce a ccidents and respect the traffic rules(Highway code),i would say congratulation Rwanda police for observing traffic rules and practise proffessinalism in there highways.
    Lets all east africa countries emulate Rwanda style of controlling the transport sector so as to a void a ccidents in the future.Police should be vigilant for those who are found of breaking the law on our roads.

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    Steve Smith

    Our son Chris Smith has been missing since Dec 26, 2010
    he was headed by bus or other transportation to Rwanda from South Africa, then up to Egypt…if anyone matching his description is dead or hurt…PLEASE let us know.
    Chris is 5’10”, 175 lbs. dark wavy hair, wears a short beard, green eyes
    Thank you,
    Steve and Debi Smith

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