Gen. Rusagara, Col. Byabagamba denied bail

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By Muvunyi Timothy

newsdesk@greatlakesvoice.comCol Tom Byagamba,

Kigali-Rwanda-Retired Brigadier General Frank Rusagara and former Presidential Guard chief Colonel Tom Byabagamba have been denied bail.

This court ruling also affected their accomplice Sargent Francois Kabayiza who also expected to leave prison on bail if the decision was otherwise not restrictive on Monday 3, March, 2015.

The three verdicts were appearing before the same court over charges of spreading political propaganda and rumors, Byabagamba with Rusagara, concealing evidence that could have, otherwise, helped the military justice system lodge more serious charges on the accused.

The court stood by fact that their lawyers could not produce evidence that sufficed they wouldn’t escape the military justice system.

The Kanombe military high court said that it also feared that the three would not appear for hearing on time if they were allowed to leave prison. And ordered that they can continue their cases in prison, but they insist, “They’re not ready.”

If Brig. Gen Rusagara and Col. Byabamba could or in fact showed legitimate evidence or excuses, their case could continue out of prison.

Sgt. Kabayiza could also have been set free from the handcuffs only when he produced medical evidence that shows that he, “sick and needs treatment out of prison.”

The defendants said that they are willing to continue with the military court without their lawyers and are not ready in that case for any hearings, court says that’s, “their right.”

Brig. Gen Rusagara is also accused of owning a gun and bullets illegally and faces penalties under article 660 of the Rwandan Penal Code.

For spreading, with intent, harmful propaganda that would instigate hate against the leadership among Rwandans, he faces charges under article 463 of the same penal code.

Col. Byabagamba also faces charges under article 660 and 463 and, 532 for undermining the National Flag and article 327 for refusing to disclose evidence that could help the court in its proceedings.

Sgt Kabayiza also faces the same charges for the crime of concealing evidence under article 327 of the Rwandan Penal Code.

The three suspects were arrested last March 2014 and their case is expected to resume in the same military court located in the country’s busiest slum suburb in Nyarugenge, Kigali on 25 March this year.

This post has already been read 11054 times!

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