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    Emanuel Kayitana

    Dear editor,

    Be fair in your reporting, Professor Nshuti Manasseh was the chairman of the board of CVL and not staff. So he cannot be sacked but removed for he was in no fulltime employment. if he was not in operations which staff would be happy/unhappy with him leaving CVL? coz, he had no contact with staff except perhaps MDs of subsidiary companies. We are told that he will be one of CVL shareholders, so he keeps working for the CVL.

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    Bayingana Jamea

    Dear Editor,

    Do correct this info that: Professor. Nshuti has been sacked. Chairs of boards, are removed, not sacked. Professor Nshuti was none executive chairman, so sacking does note arise. PROFESSOR NSHUTI REPLACED BY JACK KAYONGA IS THE RIGHT WORD. Be professional please. Changing chairs is normal.

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    hello Editor,
    I thought you people have got much knowledge on mass communication and journalism, but all in vein and what you know is diminishing. Professor NSHUTI was not sacked in VCL and repeatedly you said, he was among the board, so how do you bring out the word sacked. go back for more training and more research.


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