Kinshasa: the victims of the floods buried

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The forty-eight victims of the floods due to the heavy rains that fell on Thursday and Sunday were buried, Tuesday, January 9, in Kinshasa, in the various cemeteries of the capital.

In Bandalungwa commune, for example, the provincial Minister of Social Affairs, Dominique Weloli, attended the funeral.

Among the buried victims are the five children from the same family drowned in rainwater during the night of Wednesday to Thursday, 4 January. Four children housed in an orphanage were also buried.

Some witnesses told AFP that other families have also buried their relatives who died in heavy rains that killed 44 people, particularly in the communes of Ngaliema, Bandalungwa, and Limete.

Four new people died on Sunday, including a three-year-old baby who died in Mont-Ngafula commune.

To mourn the dead, the DRC government decreed two days of national mourning on Monday and Tuesday, January 9th. Already on the second day, life seemed to gradually resume in the affected neighborhoods.

While the funeral ceremony was taking place at the Bandalungwa communal house, where a dozen bodies were exposed, some survivors in their respective neighborhoods were trying to recover some goods and others were redeveloping their homes.

On Bibuanga Avenue next to Twidi Avenue in the Makelele neighborhood, young children are already playing ball. Two meters behind them is the plot where even four children from the same family perished in the rainwater. Young people who play football still remember their deceased friends.

“There are children who died here. This is Moise, Nathan, Jerome, we have a heartache. We are not afraid, if at least there is rain there we can be afraid. But if God blesses us and our parents find the money we have to leave here, “they wish.

Where they play, smells of sewage and septic tanks are strongly felt. Some effects of the house still hang in greenish waters. Local residents try to dry their belongings in the sun.


This post has already been read 2326 times!

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