Of Rwanda’s lion and political hyenas

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By Marcel Damas MuseminariMarcel MUSEMINARI
I have followed with – I must avow- a bit of intellectual laziness, the monologue of the Kagame third term talk, that some misrepresent as a debate. Finally from my lethargy comes a vivid image- that of a lion and its prey and hyenas prowling around, knowing that finally the prey will go down and the lion will take out the heart, and leave the rest of the carcass to them.
Fred Mufulukye the Director in Rwanda’s Ministry of local government; Joseph Rwagatare from the President’s office; Nshuti Manasseh former boss of RPF business empire; Damien Habumuremyisacked PM; Senator Joseph Karemera aging and sickly; and Evode Uwizeyimana brought from the cold from exilein Canadato be deputy head of lawreform and those of their ilk, are just political hyenas propelled by greed, but kept at bay by fear of the lion, Kagame.
In Rwanda’s Orwellian game park, there happens to be just too many hyenas that Kagame himself remarked recently at the LeadersRetreat in Gabiro Combat Training Centre, thatthe peoplehe was addressing were made of the same material like those he once fought as a revolutionary.
Nobody is surprised that Rwagatare writes his piece in praise of Kagame; that is his job. He would be reprimanded for not doing so. Former presidential Economic Advisor David Himbara, Théogène Rudasingwa former Director of cabinet were two hyenas in close proximity of the lion until they crawled away from the lion’s mien and growl.They have been whining ever since, in greed and fear.
Evode Uwizeyimana brought in from exile and given a post in Law Reform Commission looks like a mercenary on hire, and wants to show gratitude for lost time in opposition politics. He will be instrumental in proposing amendments to the constitution and has expressed desire to ‘break down’ articles of the constitution that put term limits to the presidency.
Damien Habumuremyi out of limbo after being ejected out of the Premiership seat and put in charge of Heroes’ mausoleums is trying to shout himself out of Hades. Climbing up the political rut he dug himself into before his sacking, will need to placate the RPF. And this he did when he apologized during an RPF politburo meeting that he misused his office for personal gain. Having survived going to jail after forgiveness by the party, he will be used as a political mop for a long while.
Senator Karemera,long-time RPF cadre who should have the political ruggedness and wisdom to say what his heart tells him- is old, sickly and broken and wants to die peacefully.
Karugarama the turn-coat
Former Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama, who is now out of work, surprised many recently when he went public with an apology over the statement in international Media criticizing Kagame’s third term bid. As one of the brains behind the formation of the RANU-RPF in late 80’s and early 90’s, it is pathetic that he is now crawling for mercy.
With emptying pockets and uncertainty of being on the other side of power, he can become part of the political hyena pack.
There is a reason for each of the apologetics of the Kagame’s third term to suggest fear, greed and lack of vision and patriotism.
Kagame knows they are ‘pathetic and full of themselves and for what’?!
Kagame is frustrated that there is no verve in Rwanda’s political class. Kagame would love to see a pride of lions by his side, but instead he seems to have raised a pack of hyenas, critics say. Pity.
Ask any game warden and they will tell you that once the hyenas’ greed overcomes its fear, it will attack the lion and dislodge it from its prey. The hyenas are playing out their waiting game as long as the lion’s hunting skills deliver, but once the killing instinct wanes, the hyenas will chase away or even kill the lion and devastate the prey – Rwanda.
Kagame must not profit the political hyenas hunt, because the hyenas in real sense want to devour both the lion and the carcass. The lion should instead turn against the hyenas and decimate them and breed a pride of lions if only at least to preserve sanity in Rwanda’s political animal kingdom.

Marcel D Museminari-is a veteran journalist and publisher

This post has already been read 26000 times!



  1. timo

    March 18, 2015 at 1:36 PM

    Third Term is probably the orientation of all the talking.
    The constitution, they have insisted many a times, should be flexible enough to suit needs and deeds. Why not another tenure?

  2. Peter

    March 19, 2015 at 11:42 AM

    Being a journalist doesn’t mean that you abuse eminent Rwandans calling them hyenas! suppose they name you another wild animal eg pig could you be happy? a pig usually eats anything at least a hyena selects meat.
    Marcel in democracy, we are all entitled to our views, let them talk what is in their mind and you have the right to disagree but not to abuse.

  3. Marcel

    March 31, 2015 at 1:48 PM

    They would have to justify.No? Besides who does not like Akabenzi?

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