Senegal:Macky Sall will “explode everything”- Abdoulaye Wade

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Dakar, Senegal-Not satisfied with the current situation in central Senegal where the vote in some offices has just begun, the former head of state of this West African country, Me Abdoulaye Wade, Inability of the authorities to properly organize parliamentary elections, warns current President Macky Sall.

The former President of Senegal, Me Abdoulaye Wade, is not happy, he says. After fulfilling his duty to vote in the legislative elections currently taking place in some localities of Senegal, when counting began, Abdoulaye Wade warned his successor Macky Sall, which risks “exploding everything”.

“I ask the voters to remain vigilant. I ask them to stay in the voting centers after exercising their civic duty. I remind you that voters can enter the offices and act as scrutineers at the end of the vote “. Meanwhile, the former head of state warned President Macky Sall that he is trying to curb the propensity of young people to access development and development. “The people aspire to more equity, more democracy and President Macky Sall seems to row against the current.”

The pope of the sopi goes further indicating that “it is like someone who wants to block the opening of a pot in full boiling. Sure, it’s going to blow everything up. ” The former head of state has not stopped in such a good way, criticizing the campaign of the presidential coalition “enamelled with violence, with the use of white weapons, on fire among others. As for our campaign, it happened in the most perfect peace. We have not deplored any violence throughout our campaign. ”

In Touba, voting started at 6 pm GMT in some polling stations, while at the same time, counting began in the rest of Senegal and in the diaspora. The governor of Diourbel, where electoral material has just been received around 7 pm GMT, extended the vote until midnight. In general, three trends stand out: the presidential coalition Benno Bokk Yakkaar of Macky Sall, Manko Taxau Senegal of Khalifa Sall and Manko Wattu Senegal of Me Abdoulaye Wade.

This post has already been read 5457 times!

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