Six motorcyclists killed enroute Goma-Masisi Walikale

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Six motorcyclists have been killed since the beginning of April on the Goma-Masisi-Walikale road in the province of North Kivu.

Amani Bitaha, spokesperson for motorcyclists who operate the Goma-Masisi- Walikale, Goma-Kitchanga-Pinga and the Walikale-Hombo branch, on the border between North and South Kivu confirmed the reports.
Bitaha says that these motorcyclists are killed, despite being forced to pay the sum of 500 FC to each barrier erected by the security forces and security services.

“When we meet local leaders they often tell us: you see: we would like to place some elements for you in the hot corners. So be consistent, be there, giving them something.”
Some motorcyclists avoid this route of Goma-Masisi to Walikale due to several mannered road barriers by FRDC which charge them more than what they earn.

“In order to allow them … But we, we consider that security is our right. And, it is a regal mission of the government. And, as is our right, we do not have to pay anything. He complained.
The role of the army, the military and the police is not to be on roads, as I do not know what to do But, it is to secure the population. It’s our right, it’s not a favor, “recalls Amani Bitaha.

Congolese intelligence regard some of these motorcyclists as agents of armed militia’s operating in Eastern DR Congo like FDRL, Maimai and others. Congolese forces also take advantage of motorcyclists by extracting money from them.

This post has already been read 2154 times!

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