Workers Emoluments boosted as Kabuye sugar works Moves to increase Production.

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Emoluments of workers at Kubuye sugar works have been boosted ahead of planned increase in mass production at the Jabana sector Gasabo district based sugar works.

Ever since the company separated from Madvani group it has renegotiated with workers about salaries with an agreement reached that every three month workers will get 3% salary increment and there will be renegotiation of their salaries after three years.

Muhayimana Adeline who has worked at company for 10 years.

Some of the workers this publication talked to said that the increase in their salaries has improved they lively hood and welfare

“ Ever since our salaries where revised  I am now able to pay schools fees ,get medical care for my family and save some money on top putting food on table for my loved ones”  noted  Muhayimana Adeline who has worked at company for 10 years.

Another excitedly male works adds that he has so far been able to start saving money to acquire a piece of land where he plans to construct a house and also rear one or two cows from the remaining land.

On top increasing workers salaries M.Thiru Navukkarasu the General Manger noted that all workers at the company have been given health insurance.

“We have 350 permanent workers of whom all them have been given health insurance and those that get injured at are taken by the company.“he noted.

M.Thiru Navukkarasu the General Manger of Kabuye Sugar works

The company that has over 10000 sugarcane out growers and produces products like sugar started working in 1967 as government owned parastatal but from 1994-1997 it was privatized to Madivan Group as a small factory and expanded from 200 tons to approximately 600 tons of sugar production per day.

Everything was well, until climate changes in the years between 2011-2014, the time which the company  received a bitter experience around Nyabarongo River and Akanyaru River where sugar cane is grown in marshal lands.

80 percent of the sugar estates were affected by the floods, hence struggling to run the factory since they couldn’t get enough sugarcanes. The situation was saved by Dutch (Holland) Government which stepped up with the idea of a water project that drains excess water and mitigates the floods in 2013.

The public and private water project cost was Euro 8 million; Kabuye raised 50%, while the other half was a grant from Holland Government in December the project was complete.

With the help of technocrats from Holland the private-public project was completed by 2017 together with help of the Ministry of Agriculture as partners.

With drainage scheme in place Kabuye Sugar factory reclaimed over  1500,000 hectors to be cultivated after removal of  the papyrus trees.

This will help them to plant more sugar canes that will in turn increases production, sugar cane planting requires a minimum of 20 months to harvest.


This post has already been read 7298 times!

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