Gallup Poll:Rwanda performs better on Safety,Order and control of Corruption

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By Robert Mugabe

Rwanda scored 92 percent followed by Georgia 91percent, and Qatar 91percent, while in Africa Niger was the second ranked country at 84 per cent, in the report released 31 October 2012.

According to Gallup, the African countries top the list of countries where citizens are least likely to feel safe.

The index which captures 148 countries ranks the best and worst performing countries worldwide with indicators for Macroeconomic Model for Successful Societies.

50 percent of the countries with a least secure situation are in Africa.

According to the report, only 2 African countries (Rwanda and Niger) 20%, appears in the ten safest countries recorded worldwide.

Widespread of Corruption

In terms of least widespread of corruption, Rwanda is ranked as the second, scoring 12 percent, next to Singapore which scores 5 percent.

The Global States of Mind: New Metrics for World Leaders ranks Rwanda as the safest place to live in Africa, at 92 percent, while the Rwanda governance scorecard (to be made public early next month by RGB) gives a score of 91.35%. Mainly Due to methodology gaps and unreliable data sources, the Mo Ibrahim IIAG has got very different scores for Rwanda at below 50 percent.

Comparisons between Gallup, East African Bribery Index and Rwanda Governance Scorecard on Rwanda Corruptions Perception in 2012

About the Rwanda Governance Scorecard

The Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS), an annual publication of RGB, is a comprehensive governance assessment tool constructed and structured around a set of 8 indicators and seeks to accurately gauge the state of Governance in Rwanda.

These eight indicators are: Safety and security in Rwanda; rule of law; political rights and civil liberties; participation and inclusiveness; investing in people; control of corruption, transparency and accountability; quality of service delivery; and economic & corporate governance.

This post has already been read 3716 times!

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