A hocus pocus war fare or some John Doe?

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By Muvunyi Timothy

For the last decade the war in DR. Congo has been the main news highlighting change in the Great Lakes region and at the cost of thousands of human lives falling victim to heinous militia acts. Militia that just kill people that they indeed should be saving or protecting.

This raises eyebrows over the legitimacy of the war, if any should be waged and for what cause other than saving people that might be falling prey to heinous militia.

Why the United Nations cannot call for an international coalition force that includes superpowers like the US, Britain and China to deter such crimes against humanity. Crimes that to rectify in the aftermath cost people lots of money and time. It is a serious impediment to globalization in the discernible spectrum.

The UN is of the position that the involvement of regional forces from either Rwanda, Uganda or both aggravates the war. These countries also cannot look at people shooting in their territories or even going ahead to harm their people without retaliation. They have the absolute right to defend their sovereigns without waiting for international intervention that in most cases might come a bit late.

In the early 2000s the war in DRC was too confusing as people of certain tribes and causes got arms to fight to eliminate each other so that, according to reports, they take over land and property or just to revenge for even per-colonial begrudges. You can name the various militia even up to now that are tabulating conflict in the continents vastly rich country that still struggles to extend roads, communication and medication to its populace that has been held to savagery by war maniacs.

And mid this year amid the wage of the M23 war fare, thousands have been forced to abandon their developmental activities and instead disperse for their lives to Rwanda and Uganda. The AU has not talked about the necessity of sending an Africa Multinational Peace Keeping Force(AMPKF or MAPKF) to counter the possibility the this could spark a full-scale regional war fare and a recurrent emergency that would deter developmental efforts around the East African Community (EAC), Central African and a bit of the SADC area.

The other rather illusion is over whether the M23 and other antagonistic forces are fighting to overthrow the Kinshasa government or they could be planning a separatist war that might last for decades. Most of the forces making up the M23 are said to be defects from the Congolese Army, FARDC that has retaliated strongly with heavy artillery and weaponry. If the war emerges to be a prolonged territorial separatist war then the vast country is at the verge of ethnic tensions that will most predictably affect transaction in the region.

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) of whose commander, Joseph Kony is being hunted by US forces and is indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the ICC could also take advantage-he used to wage skirmishes from Zaire-to reorganize for other relatively harmful attacks in the warring Eastern DRC.

This prompts a counter or even a preemptive retaliation by the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) thus revolving the war. The other most likely tact would be for the most affected neighboring countries to wage war to end the antagonism in the large infiltrated country. This is in case gun shots are targeted or are astray into their borders. As the war continues as much is expected to happen.



This post has already been read 6584 times!



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