Africa’s new wealth avenue

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By Robert Mugabe


Africans seem to have studied evolution in all its encapsulated aspects and are willing to do everything that must to win wealth and peace to their continent. The continent has been known to be a rich part of the world with little practical exploitation by the majority poor population.


The fact that many of the population cannot practically exploit, produce products from their rich for their own utility at a much reasonable cost has really and is indeed changing their behaviors and take of development in a much evolutional manner with little attention the modernity or a just a mixture of both putting out certain good aspects and some gravely horrific faces of the reality on the ground.


The manners when shown in tale and print media tell and show another evolutional side almost equal to one that perished the one and only bird species, the Doodo. Starting with region in Sub Sahara African in the Great Lakes region Satanism has been appreciated and practiced as one main avenue for many to easily acquire wealth but; at the expense of other peoples’ lives- in fact the extent that many have lost their innocent lives in a defenseless world at the hands of juju-strongholds.


This is evident in, for example Ugandan newspapers, revealing the mutilated, burnt, psyched, raped and corpses of young and old people.

And with little evidence justifiable as something that could cause the retaliation, of say beheading or mutilating or amputating anybody seen as a potential rival/foe.  It is also very much the same case relating to the presidential election campaigns, like the rift valley ethnic killing during the Kibaki-Raila race and is the case in the DR.Congo where certain tribes tend to kill off others in essence of taking over their wealth and obviously their evolutional place.


The crime which is less realized as an offense against humanity because of late-media reporting is sincerely an international offense that so much urges for international community and simultaneous United Nations Security Council jurisdiction.


Lack of preemptive media reporting of endangered lives and suspected perpetration keeps an environment for the docile crime and thus tends to blind an eye of the international community on such cases. -in this context death toll being the determinant for UN obligation one life dying in such circumstances is not accountable at the international level.

However, most of the convicts of such crimes have, in most cases, pleaded guilty to either satanic urge for wealth or family-line ravage over riches.  O This similar to the crimes committed by former Liberian dictator Charles Tailor, wealth wrangles also heard in Genocide cases, the same in some Arab e where men kill, especially young women for screed reasons but all relating to need to accrue wealth. But the gravest of crimes are so evident in Africa and mildly discerned due to poor reporting and prosecution.


Given delved and thorough investigation in most crimes between families, clans-like in the case of the Niger Delta where clans kill each other for Oil- it would be discovered that the worst and most intricate horror of Genocide has been stalking the African continent with a pretended excuse of search for wealth and poor leadership confining and blackmailing the crime from international community early detection and conviction.

Nevertheless, if the intent and the instigation of the crimes is seen from a much broader perspective, it would be perceived that the populace’s poor and limited access to manufacturing industrialism is the actual comprehension of wealth in respect to Satanism.

In this aspect, DR. Congo’s- the richest mineral part on Africa-majority remains restricted to abject poverty and scary mannerisms very much evident deep in the forests away from the eastern part which is a bit urbanized, but some Africans still practice their beliefs in politan-cities; still is easy search for wealth.

This post has already been read 23043 times!



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