African solutions for African problems

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By Shadrack Lewa

Our continent Africa faces a lot of problems which we always cry for help from our former colonial masters whom in return they give us condition in exchange of solution which are nightmares to our economic development and these problems only need Africa solutions to be solved.

From poverty to refugee problems we have the capacity to have durable solutions especially when we put our resources together and have good institutions which respect human rights, media rights and democratic freedoms.

Poor land policy is one factor that engineers inter-clan warfare, land grabbing, deforestation, wildlife-human conflicts and many other vices. Some countries have continually faced inter-clan warfare because of this error.
Horn of Africa countries such as Somalia and Southern Sudan are facing major inter-clan warfare that they threaten peace and stability among their neighbors.

Somalia is a good example posed as a great risk to its neighboring countries over day to day inter-clan wars which have forced many citizens flee to refugee camps.


Africa is now under siege of terror due to lack of strong institutions with easy penetration by some terror groups with a notion of smuggling goods, causing insecurity and, destabilizing national tourism and maritime business.

War torn Somalia, has caused a nightmare to Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti, forcing shipping companies to charge extremely expensive due to pirate activities based.

Kenya’s tourism has been seriously affected by armed militia from Somali hijacking tourists and prompting the Kenyan Government to retaliate militarily with heavy artillery inside the Horn of African country so us to protect her people.

I believe, this is a good move by the Kenya Government needing support of the Africa Union and even the United Nations, to render the situation in the Somali-republic an Africa solution. So let’s not shy away from the fact that we as Africans understand our problems better than any other people around the world.

Congratulation to AMISOM forces from Burundi and Uganda who have showed the importance of brotherhood during times of need, also the ongoing reforms on the continent from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Zambia to mention. We should all know that those who are not ready to accept change will be forced to change by the wind of change as strong as tornado.


This post has already been read 14503 times!

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1 Comment

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