Africans must stand-up against injustice-Kagame

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By Robert Mugabe

KIGALI-RWANDA-in the rhetoric massage to 10 version of annual National Dialogue commonly known as Umushyikirano, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has call upon Africans to rise up against injustices of all aspects.

“Absolutely we must be seen to have sufficient anger against injustice done to us and demonstrate it in ways we deal with our problems,” Kagame said

Explaining the complicity of DRC issues and abruptly move of donors withdrawing AID to Rwanda basing on UN GoE report alleging Rwanda helping DRC rebels of M23, Kagame said “DRC thing is like bringing a dead body at your door way, after that, the same person who dumped the body goes ahead to accuse owner of the house to have killed the person. This dead body DRC, we didn’t kill him; actually they (accusers) did kill him. He died long time ago.

Crimes are committed against Congolese by others and Rwanda is blackmailed to take the blame.

You can’t pay others to solve a problem and when they fail, then ask me to solve them for you. People decide what the story will be then sending experts to find the facts to confirm their narrative.

We can’t accept the blame. We can’t accept injustice. We will continue to push back, fight back while keeping a smile but even with a smile, we say no.

I don’t fear confrontation, if you fear it, I am not. The first problem is Africans accepting injustice, we must know the cost of accepting is higher than fighting.

Leaders have been defined as corrupt dictators and expected to fit that definition. Can’t Accept, Africa must stand up against injustice, look within ourselves and ask why we accept it. In the morning they teach us about human rights, in the evening they take away our rights and tell us to do as they say.

We must stand up for ourselves and refuse to be accused of crimes committed by the very same people who accuse us. Agaciro has a very huge cost, the more you struggle to achieve agaciro, the more resistance you face.

We should also have a dialogue with those who are not Rwandans but affect the lives of our people. National Dialogue is attended by over 800 people, including living abroad, members of cabinet and Parliament, diplomats, media.

This post has already been read 6949 times!



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