AMISOM and al-Shabab battle for Mogadishu

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By Muvunyi Timothy

Somalia could still hope for peace after what the AU and the interim soldiers have accomplished against the crazed Islamist al-Shabab militants who are said to be controlling a small area in the North of Mogadishu and the big part of Somalia.

The African Union Forces say that battling for Mogadishu had been the highest target and having al-Shabab out of the Somali Capital was in fact a great victory. AMISOM believe that keeping the militants out of the city would in the long run help citizens remake their lives but notes granting protection for all in Mogadishu would be a challenge, though they don’t point which obstacles are likely to deter security.


The AU General Fred Mugisha was quite calming saying that the whole of the Somali capital is now under their full control with the help of Somali Forces. Former UPDF spokesperson and current AMISOM spokesperson Paddy Ankuda insists that although they have control on the capital much has to be cleaned in some parts of the North and East.


The militants have been on and off Mogadishu offensive following this year’s killing of Al-Qaeda’s top commander Osama Bin Laden, their allied terrorists group.


However, the militants still pose threat on the capital and Somalis in their central and Southern hideouts. The group could still change tact and decide to conduct inner bombings in Mogadishu as a counterattack plan to disrupt security and peace inside the Somali capital and militarily to deter the AMISOM’s preemptive attack on their central and southern camps.


Al-Shabab has been the detriment of Somali and is likely to be on hunger struggle after the AU forces captured their food factory within Mogadishu-the pasta factory. But pundits note that the militants could still get support from the Indian Ocean Pirates between Yemen and Mogadishu to Daynile where they are believed to be camping.


And the AMISOM has little to engage between the militants’ relationships with Somalis a niche for the former to wage drastic attacks as a plan to rescue the people they see as their entities compared to the AU forces from   out of Somalia-it is expected to be a prolonged on and off offensive and persistent obstacle to peace on that soil. Early this month alone an estimated 100 people vanished in the bombs attacks just a month after the militant’s pull back from AU offensive.





This post has already been read 9535 times!



  1. shadrack lewa

    October 19, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    AMISON is doing a great job to make sure that peace is there and the rag-tag millitiary al shabab is out of Mogadishu and Somalia.
    i hope this will much help the entire horn of africa.

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