Analysis:Are presidents’ families reluctant?

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Timothy Muvunyi

Some people should understand that leadership is a choice of the populace. However that contests for the presidency with the rightful credentials and is trusted and voted by the majority of the electorate is therefore the next president.

Irrespective of relationship or next of kin. In this aspect it would thus mean that the family of the president-a family at the center of the governance of the country could be the most eligible for certain posts. The presidents’ families are the most educated, have more life span, have the finance to campaign, have more international ties to fetch in more investors, are accustomed to the way of life in their countries and are grown in an active environment.

This means that they are given first priority to employment in the context of respect for the first family-the result of their good work earns them, like all employees, promotions-in ranks and portfolio. Do be bothered by the promotion of President Museveni’s son from Colonel to a Brigadier in August.

You might apparently think am playing devil’s advocate, but hell no. wait and listen to this;

Brigadier Muhoozi, has the training involving international training in the UK and US which is an upper education. And he has been in the field commanding the Presidential Guard Brigade, the Specials Forces and at one time has commanded the latter when they were hunting for the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander Joseph Kony.

This is not nepotism at all, it is humane to also respect the president’s son and in fact if he has and stands for the presidency-he has the education, the career and the Ugandans that love him-there are no predictable chances that he would lose.

Most Ugandans vital in developing the country are his age-mates, OGs and OBs, others are his aunts and uncles and the rest are elders. If he is elected for the first office, it mustn’t be regarded as a nepotistic move to cub or subjugate Ugandans.

He has been in the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) for 15 years and come 2016 when his father steps down or is trusted for the fifth tenure, Muhoozi will have been in the army for almost two decades and with a good spectrum of the Pearl.

And being elected as president and heir to the ‘Son of Africa-a revolutionary that has manifested fundamental change’ will allow Museveni to continue leading behind the scenes as President of the Presidential Advisory Affair and; he will be allowed to represent at various occasions. At the then age of 42 years, Muhoozi will be a mature father and commander that continue to develop Uganda upon his fathers’ foundation.

This quite good for the populace because it will involve any skirmishes or full scale wars waged by the opposition since even the most probable presidential candidate for UPDF army commander General Mugisha Muntu and Museveni’s former bush war doctor and FDC (Forum for Democratic Change) Dr. Colonel Kizza Besigye see Muhoozi as their son with faith and action in their begining-they will back him at some instances.

And the fact is they at times recommended some appointments by the incumbent. The appointment of other family members like the first lady Mrs. Janet Museveni and General Salim Saleh should not be seen like nepotistic either.

These people have been and are vital and pivotal in developing much of the remaining work that the president mustn’t be doing. And they are trustworthy to the president, the government and Ugandans that have seen them grow in work and age from nuclear families to grandmothers and fathers. In no way should it be regarded that the first family members are not eligible to the right of employment, public representation-they are citizens too.

This post has already been read 8539 times!



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