Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini says Anglican Church doctrine is at peril

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  • Anglican church needs reform& Decentralization
  • Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey stepping down will not change anything

By Robert Mugabe

The former archbishop of Anglican Church in Rwanda also the bishop of Kigali, Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, have rushed out to other Anglican bishops in the west and South Africa accusing them for compromising the truth of the gospel.

Controversies raised in Anglican Church when the bishop of Westminster vowed to bless the same-sex unions and Anglican church in the west decided to ordain gay bishops. Kolini had been since critical until now.

“I remember when Archbishop of Canterbury held a general assembly of Dar eslam  in 2007, the meeting which was due to end at 5:00Pm gone long to 10:00pm over the issue of homosexuality in the church, controversial sets in the Church which we failed to agree and Africa community resisted homosexuality in the Church” Archbishop Kolini said.

Describing the scenario in the meeting, Kolini said that at the end of the meeting they hard to share the Lord’s Super, but himself and other 5 bishops from Africa refused to share citing “division and compromise on the gospel”

“We refused to share the Lord’s super with heathen. South Africa joined the western world to stray off the gospel truth. We have got many sects among the Anglican, some believe that Jesus resurrected spiritually not physical, others say its ok, to have a gay bishop, and we say no to that.”

According to Kolini, Anglican Church should embrace its founding doctrine without mixing with paganism. He blames the whole failure of lack of consistence of the doctrine to the leadership of Canterbury.

“Listen, the processes of electing the Archbishop of Canterbury is not transparent and decentralized. It’s some few Bishops in UK and the office of UK’s Prime minister who sit with the Queen of England to determine who to be the Arch-bishop of Canterbury. We, the Africa and Asian community voice don’t matter. The church needs reform. Sects and cults shouldn’t be encouraged. And don’t think stepping aside of Bishop George Carey will change anything. See, the bishops who resisted homosexuality in the church are mostly in the community of Africa and Asia.”

According to Bishop Kolini, in the 2007 Dar eslam general assembly of Anglican church, the five bishops who protested from abortion and homosexuality are retired now and others were bribed to keep silent.”



This post has already been read 15065 times!



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