At least three killed, 25 injured following grenade blast in Kigali

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By GLV reporter.

A grenade attack has exploded at Remera suburb, killing at least three people and seriously wounding ten. An additional 15+ survived with minor injuries. The people behind the attack are currently unknown.

According to the eye witnesses who were at the scene, the grenade came from the motorcycle wheels, and the driver is said to have been killed by the blast at around 07h30 local time.

“The numbers of the victims are 28, only three have been killed, 10 of them seriously injured and others are surviving with minor injuries,” Theos Badege told Great Lakes Voice.

At the scene, our reporter saw three people handcuffed and escorted to the police car and the police officer said were ‘suspects’.

Two tax omnibuses were seriously destroyed by the blast, along with a boutique and two motorcycles. The security members, Kigali city mayor and the local people clicked their lips seeing the blood.

“We were here in the boutique with the colleagues, and then the motorcycle came here and immediately, I saw fire coming from the wheels and without our knowledge, the MTN vendor was down just after the blast,” the witness at the scene, identified as only Philippe, said.

According to this eye witness, the driver of the motorcycle was wrapped in his black jacket almost dead. He was the only police lead to the suspects.

This post has already been read 18249 times!



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    • Steven Smith

      April 10, 2011 at 12:21 AM

      We have a son Christopher Ryan Smith,(Chris) Age 32, CMA, 5-10. Grn eyes, Brn hair. That has been missing since December 26th, 2010. His last email placed him in this same area as this incident. We are tying to confirm that he is not a victim in this bombing. He may be using another name for safety. If you have any information, connection with the victims, please contact me for photos or info.
      Steven Smith

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