Burundi gov’t denies political rebels saying they are ‘Bandits’

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Hatungimana-President Nkurunzi spokesman. (Photo by BT)

By GLV reporter


Burundi- The security situation has improved in the country. It is certainly one of the conclusions reached at the meeting, the first of its kind since the beginning of the year between President Nkurunziza with the governors of provinces in this Friday, January 28 commune Bukuye Muramvya.

“There is no single person who spoke of a rebel group, but every thief, every criminal who commits a package is rebelling against the state, but the real sense there is no rebellion in Burundi.” Leonidas Hatungimana, President Nkurunziza spokesman complained before the media.

 The President has clearly justified, the Burundian army was justified, “said the press spokesman of the Head of State at the end of the meeting held in camera, the press was asked to clear the room.

Mr. Leonidas Hatungimana spoke of a “pure machine, manufacture” of certain people, you’d think, would like there to be a rebellion. And reassure “people to be calm, people are quiet.”

 The spokesman of President Nkurunziza announced that among the captured bandits, who are recognized, “but this is not the bandits who are political rebellion.”

These remarks are made at the time when the attacks are being perpetrated against particular police positions, and the dead police are left side as was the case in the provinces of Bujumbura Rural and Bururi.

 In its recent report, Human Rights Watch suggested the possibility of a rebellion in development and that Burundian leaders would be avoiding seeing the reality.

 But the spokesman of the Burundian president would not comment on that. “As the meeting was not about this (report), we’re not leaning too much,” he said, suggesting that the government will have to give the perspective.

Although the Burundian authorities do not want-or-avoid talk of a rebellion, reliable sources have reported the existence of an armed group, the FNL, which could be operating in Rukoko forest straddling Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi.

 Okapi radio broadcasting from the DRC reported that clashes took place this week between the combatants and armed forces of the DRC, the FARDC, clashes also confirmed by an officer commanding a battalion of the Congolese army states have recorded two casualties in its ranks and four rebel side during operations Tuesday and Wednesday.Listen

This post has already been read 29848 times!



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