Burundi gov’t should stop harrasing the press

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The disappearance of journalists has become commonplace in Burundi. After the arrest of editors of some private radio stations, the time has come for the primary responsibility of the press. On Wednesday, the editors were interviewed about the massacre in Gatumba, on Thursday, the directors of Radio Isanganiro, RPA were summoned by the authorities and Bonesha FM equipped with the statutes governing their radio stations as if they were at the stage of approval.

It will be recalled from the unhealthy climate that marked the era of the revision of the law on political parties, law stipulating in its lines, re-registration of these parties. This vortex agitated yesterday policies would it at the door of the media?

In addition to the statutes, documents evidencing the funding of these radios become a concern of the prosecution. Is it commitment to partnership at this time of financial insecurity illustrated by downsizing or outright closure of stations? If this were the case, the Crown would it be best placed? Or simply a ploy to condemn these stations to close?

It is no secret to anyone, the media treatment of sensitive files that points to some public authorities is synonymous with a crime that raises legal harassment. If ever it was concern for the pursuit of truth, what is the connection between the carnage of Gatumba and sources of finance radios? Is it an act independent of the Crown or pushed by the invisible hand of government? Nevertheless, the contribution of Burundian journalists in the country’s life is indisputable, the solution to the problems that undermine the company to look elsewhere and not in the muzzling of the press.

This post has already been read 20892 times!



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