Burundi MUST choose the way to go

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By Jean Luc Ndaruhutse

Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. Heat is required to forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart-Arnold H. Glasgow

And Burundi have every reason to believe it.

They have been sufficiently proven by past mistakes that repeatedly led to disaster and brought the country to its knees. The people of Burundi can not play with fire, as it can not tolerate any setbacks. Carmel’s death is part of the most striking examples. Despite all the lessons the past has given the people of Burundi a handful of nostalgic wish to maintain awareness of the Burundian population in the logic of anarchy and war.

When other compatriots in the region are busy building, them they still have time to waste in the bush and caves to disrupt security. As a reminder, in the wake of municipal elections, criminals of all stripes have engaged in acts of terrorism, dropping grenades in several places, committing robberies and murders, some agitators, some leaders of civil society, sore loserselections and many other opportunists are quickly mounted the podium to denounce treacherously “harassment of opposition members.”

They were quick to lend her the epithet rebel criminals. And what mattered most to these impostors masquerading as defenders of human rights was more negotiations with the “opposition parties” that the lives of peaceful citizens chopped by criminals, including the massacre of Gatumba which is highly responsible. It is for such criminals as Mukono that are fighting the so-called civil society and some opposition media.

The other day was also a “General Moses claimed, or” Colonel Kabirigi “. And despite the hard times and often fatal than the defense and security continue to be imposed on these criminals, including the extinction of adventurers whose Kabirigi late last year in addition to many other lessons, Burundi still see hardliners who have not yet realized that the war is no longer an option in Burundi. For compatriot, the death of the citizen Mukono is regrettable.

It is the country that loses a son who, under normal conditions, would help build their nation. However, the troublemakers need to understand that the people of Burundi and even the neighbors in the Democratic Republic of Congo will not accept anymore that there are individuals who take hostage the lives of an entire people to satisfy the whims of a clique of politicians without vision.


This post has already been read 7139 times!



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