Burundi ruling CNDD says will not negotiate with opposition

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Onesime Nduwimana-CDD-FDD spokesman

BY Jean Luc Ndaruhutse

Bujumbura-The CNDD-FDD in Bujumbura will not negotiate with the opposition outside government regrouped in the Democratic Alliance for Change. CNDD spokesman Onesime Nduwimana said on Tuesday on a local radio station.

The ruling party spokesman, sounded like stopples to those who had wishes which were earlier expressed by unrecognized forum of the opposition CDA-IKIBIRI and aired by the spokesman Leonce Ngendakumana.

The opposition forum (IKIBIRI) had said that the government in Bujumbura has to negotiate with the opposition on the most burning issues such as security, violations of human rights, cases of corruption and economic mismanagement that plague the country’s economy and my creation of conditions conducive to political leaders now in exile.

In the pre-negotiation, the ADC presents some prerequisites such as “the liberation of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience languishing in different jails of the country, an immediate end to arrests, detentions and extrajudicial executions; establish a consensus on the framework, key partners and the object to set the guaranteed outcome of these negotiations “.

According to Mr Ngendakumana who spoke at the first anniversary of creation of the Alliance, the negotiations are held between the ruling regime so that all parties are in government and others who support one side and the other parties grouped in the CDA and would, inter alia, “the causes, actors, the consequences of instability” that is observed in the country and the setting-up of an “institutional framework of these negotiations”.

“The ADC-Ikibiri is not known by the law”, said Mr Nduwimana. He justifies his position by the fact that we do not even know who leads it. Today it is such a head, another tomorrow and they assign the same to someone who does not adhere to the project. You’ve seen this month Feruzi (Ed. leader UPD withdrew his party from the coalition. ” he said.

To look at it carefully both parties radicalize their position. And on land insecurity is gaining ground especially in the Bujumbura where it does not happen one night without human lives are taken away.

This post has already been read 8178 times!

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1 Comment

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