Burundi:Bururi police post attacked by unknown armed men

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By GLV reporter and agencies

Bururi-At the hill Murago in commune of Burambi- Bururi province where the post is positioned, on January 21, 2011 has been the target of an attack by gunmen killing at least two people and others wounded.

According to sources there, the people who attacked on Friday 21 January were heavily armed and wearing military uniforms and civilians that looked quite different from Burundi army uniforms.

This attack on a police station is the fifth in less than one month after those Nyamaboko, Muyira Magara and Kiyenzi (anywhere in the province of Bujumbura Rural).

These communities are among the most remote province, the total number of the victims was never notified by planning authorities.

Came from the dark, the first armed gang killed the police chief and his forwarding agent who took a drink on a centre located near the police position before opening fire towards the position.

The administrator of the commune Burambi officer who was with the police chief did not provide any other information.

The number of men who attacked also remains unknown, but the exchange of gunfire lasted an hour and a half, which pushed people around to spend the night in the bushes and swamps.

Burambi commune is one of Bururi notorious for having known instability nameless due to fighting between rebels and government forces over the last decade of civil war in Burundi, a war that has claimed more three hundred thousand deaths.

Burundi have been probably on the possible pressure of Agaton Rwasa rebels who are coming from Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

This post has already been read 18000 times!



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