By Uganda’s lead, Rwanda Special Forces kill FDRL chief of staff Gen. Mugaragu

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Special Correspondent  and Agencies

Col Joseph-Nzabamwita


Following the assassinations that began with Lt Col Sadiki Soleil, who was killed on 20 November, and Lt Col Furaha Honoré, killed on 6 December, a high FRDL commander Leodomir Mugaragu was killed in deadly fighting On Wednesday last week.

On Wednesday, 11 January, a group of soldiers – a unit of Rwandan Special Forces, guided by the FDC – penetrated into the FDLR headquarters in Walikale and ambushed FDLR leaders around a fire. They killed the FDLR chief of staff Brigadier Leodomir Mugaragu. The overall FDLR commander General Mudacumura was also present but said He was able to escape narrowly.

Following unanswered calls for two consecutive days Col. Joseph Nzamwita, Rwanda Military and Defence spokesperson, at last answered our call harshly saying “We are not aware of that man’s death” Prompt hanging on.

The fighting has taken place between the FDLR and local Congolese militia – the Raia Mutomboki in Shabunda territory and a new group called the Forces de Défense Congolaise (FDC) in Walikale which security sources in Masisi claim was formed by Rwanda and DRC army to counter FDRL.

Restored Kigali-Kampala relations has started yielding fruits

Highly placed Sources in Uganda’s security told Great Lakes Voice that in a recent visit to Uganda, President Paul Kagame was given a lead by Uganda’s President on where about of FDRL boss Silvestre Mudacumura and the commanding area during the Christmas visit.

Rwanda forces had been for long time struggling to find the lead to FDRL boss and his whereabouts but in vain. Great Lakes Voice understands that Rwanda’s Special Forces operation has been possible through FDC militias.


According to the sources in Chieftaincy of military intelligence in Kampala, Entebbe airport has been the hallway place for the Gen. Mudacumura’s Italian doctors who come in to give medical help to the overall
commander who is struggling with diabetes and other complications of high blood pressure.

“What I can tell you is that, these Italian doctors you are talking about have been coming many times, our boys know what’s going on but what I can’t confirm is whether His Excellency Museveni gave the lead to President Kagame,”  another source said.

Security reports believe that FDLR reportedly killed between thirty and forty civilians in Shabunda in payback attacks.

The killing of Brigadier Gen. Mugaragu is the last in a series of All of
these attacks which have been linked by some sources to the Rwandan government, which has allegedly become more
sophisticated in using local militia like Mai-Mai Cheka (for the Sadiki killing) and FDLR officers themselves (for the Furaha killing).

RDF in Congo

The highly placed source in Rwanda Defence forces (RDF) has intimated to Great Lakes Voice that Rwanda’s army is in DRC. The official who pleaded to remain in anonymity said, “Our forces did it. For we have been looking for Mugaragu for 17 years and now we have killed him.”

According to this source, another batch of RDF troops crossed the border to DRC on 27th December 2011 to hunt Gen. Mudacumura and Mugaragu men.

“We went in Eastern Congo with their government conceit and facilitated by International Conference on Great Lakes, it’s like official to some of us.”

This post has already been read 13131 times!



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