CAN 2012: Suddenly, Sudan!

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In a stadium of Nuevo Estadio de Malabo desperately empty, Angola has not done an amazing job against Sudan Team (2-2). With goals at the beginning of each half, the Black Antelopes have fallen in the face of the ease of the Nile Crocodiles in place.

Just like Libya, Sudan can still believe in his lucky star. Angola, with four points from two games is finally a good result in view of his game on alternating current. The Sudanese are, themselves, their match-reference.

If the kickoff was delayed by a problem … Gilberto socks, Angolans have had wasted no time. From the kickoff, Lito Vidigal chose to change his team in 4-4-2 offensive which was to enhance the quality offensive team.

While the start of the match was balanced, the recovery in the feet of a defender of Sudan, was concluded the best way possible by the inevitable Manucho, who think his shot at 16 meters (fifth).

In an ideal position, the Palancas Negras could then proceed by cons while displaying a Masters degree. So at 17, Angolans kept the ball for nearly a minute, or the number Quiami chaining dribbling and roulette on the poor Bashir Koko (14th) and attempted lob distant Manucho (87th).

Tenure at the forefront of the attack, the star of the team Lusophone served as an anchor to his teammates well supported by a more discreet and Flavio replaced at half time.

Real Valladolid striker also went back to his teammates a bad situation by converting the penalty obtained by Djalma (48th). In all the right moves, the current top scorer in the CAN was also valuable in causing faults (37th, 67th, 68th).

Bashir and Manucho power 2

Watched by the nonchalance, the Black Antelopes fell so often in the facility, as on a 1-2 between Flavio and Manucho which led to nothing (23rd) and left Sudan to dominate in the undertaking.

Sudanese volunteers but very rarely worry goalkeeper Carlos Fernandes. No clumsy with the ball, teammates Tahir Osman, author of a fine shot from 25 meters (18th) saw things go wrong with the approach of the opponent.

Despite the urge to respond immediately after the goal, Nile Crocodiles were unable to adjust the focus. Increasing the number of centers in the surface, the men of Mohamed “Mazda” Abdallah long have not put enough pace to take if the trio Santos Afonso, Quiami, not known for its speed.

Apart from the hits too soft (32nd) of the lateral Bashir Koko, very active on its side, or on the missile Tahir Osman (18th), the Sudanese struggled to create clear chances but were logically rewarded on a head of uncrossed Bashir (33).

Sharper after the break, the striker gave the response of the tit for tat by including a brace (74th).

Too predictable in the game, they had to thank you for accelerations of their opponents, who showed their superiority intermittently. A false pace to their advantage Angolans believed and promoted the proliferation of little fair play attitudes on both others. Taking excessive time on the clearances (71, yellow card for C. Fernandes) or the countless simulations of injury. Biter, the Black Panthers cracked the 74th of poor control of the chest of a defender in the box. In real fox, Bashir took the opportunity to punish the defense as Angolan Manucho had punished the Burkinabe Koné (2-1)

Angola was ultimately not kept the promises interviews against Burkina Faso and will simply point the draw against the Sudanese school but who wanted visibly. These may, like Libya continue to believe in miracles.

This post has already been read 9210 times!



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