Civil war would break out in S. Sudan

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By Special correspondent

Darfur-following the yesterday’s attack on blue helmet in Darfur, Great Lakes Voice sources in zam zam say there is a growing militia presence, which took arms against Salva Kir government and suspected to be fund by the republic of Sudan.

On 10 October 2011, at 20:00Hrs, a Rwandan Patrol Team from 27 RWABATT (Rwandan Battalion), with CIVPOL (Civil Police) on night patrol in Zam Zam IDP Camp fell in a deliberate ambush by unknown elements-Peace keepers side stated.

After exchange of fire, two soldiers died, with four injured- the Rwanda Deface Forces has also confirmed.

Two civpol from Senegal and Gambia were also injured, with the Police Constable from Senegal unfortunately passing away later.

However, other separate sources told Great Lakes Voice that, the UN backed peacekeepers encountered severe fire when they had went to clear the positions of the militias taking it for granted that they were weak.

The attackers lost one person and several items captured on him.

The injured were evacuated to Khartoum where they are receiving treatment.

“UN Investigation team has started investigations to ascertain the attackers and the motive of attacking Peacekeepers,” the statement from RDF leadership reads in apart.

This post has already been read 5688 times!

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