Commentary: Africa has faith in Barack

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By Timothy Muvunyi

Nairobi residents celebrated a one day holiday for the re-election of one their lucky men as president of the United States. Barack Obama’s second term passed through tight tests against Republican Mitty Romney who they run at almost half half throughout the election campaign. Luckily enough the African continent, of who people perceive Barack as their political icon and are proud of him, was not embarrassed to lose a voted that meant a lot to them.

He was instead trusted with another four tenure in the White House- a house that in the past did not accommodate African-Americans and for the first time in history Barack is the luckiest to be president and four two terms in that complex. Kenyans said that they got little of what they had expected of their son but then insisted that they have all belief that he has goodies for his dad’s nascent country.

The same in other East African countries, where he is admired as a next of kin. Presidents in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania disclosed their pressure in Obama saying that his re-election is very important because it will help in strengthening international relation with EAC, the Great Lakes region and will be a corner stone to securing the militia infested region.

Already one hundred soldiers are hunting for the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander, Joseph Kony and that their number might increase as the hunt for other militia is earmarked as first priority of America’s Africa Affairs, AAA. This could also evolve with the construction of a permanent military base in the region which seems to be the instigation of wars, coupe d’etas to other countries.

Trade with the continent is very important and priority for the Obama Administration as the US competes for ready market with China, India, UK and Japan. China seems to be engaging the continent’s trade with a variety of cheaper goods and services which balances transaction with US. This urges the second administration to manufacture a variety of hi-tech goods and services that can compete on the African market to add up to the imports through the AGOA.

South Africa and the rest of the continent are very happy for the second term and want it to improve trade ties. Upon Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton’s visit to Senegal, DR. Congo, Uganda, Egypt, South Sudan and South Africa, the former president Clinton’s wife revealed that the US is looking forward to develop rather dynamic trade and security ties with the continent.

This will benefit mostly democratic countries that government with the rule of law. In the Middle East, Barack, still finds problems to unite the brothers in peace and security as Iran threatens Tel Aviv with nuclear weapons-the US has been investigating the proliferation the nukes since the mid-1990s.

And bombarded a nuclear facility in Cairo ahead of attacking Iraq whose president Saddam Hussein had been threatening to bomb targets in the US. The 9/11 attacks that demolished the world Twin Towers and killed off thousands of Americans led to the war in Iraq-the war that may be the expensive one in the world’s history.

The Barack administration continued to hunt for the most wanted terrorist Al-Qaeda head Osama bin Laden and US navy gunned him down late 2011, a move that highlighted Obama as a leader to end terrorism.

And this is believed to be the next move against remaining terrorist factions in Iraq-bombs are still eating off populations in spite the new leadership and withdraw of thousands of US and other troops, Taliban in Afghanistan are still attacking cities and bombing in Kabul-and Obama said he is not sending there more troops but withdrawing them. Withdrawing foreign troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and Yemen could allow terrorists to reorganize for more destructive attacks in their main targets in US, UK, Africa, Thailand, and China.

The shooting of US ambassador and other officials in Libya is likely-with continued attacks on the government by pro-Gaddafi soldiers-call for the sending in of US troops to oversee the progress of democracy, peace and security in the Opec country which they will need for oil. And with little attention to installing a governed system in Tripoli will most likely allow pro-Gaddafi factions to reorganize to overthrow the young National Transition Council(NTC) government.

The life of the colonel’s son and US educate Saif is also in the hands of the ICC and America-because murdering him in prison or prolong his trial would be sheer crime to all peace observers. The second administration will most probably extend to president Putin to convince Russia to be restrictive selling arms to African fighters. Russia was alleged of selling arms to Libya and other worrying countries in Africa but diplomacy seems to be simmering that down. Obama has much to do also with Australia to improve trade and other developmental affairs.

This post has already been read 8546 times!



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