Crimes against humanity

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If you want to see the world where you live, you should just turn on the tv or the radio and watch or listen to. If you want to see more and look true documentaries and photos from Countries in war, internet would probably be the best option, still the most convenient being 7/7 available.

You will probably notice that during a war many crimes against humanity take place, even though the main reason for a war is always a financial one. Racial wars are only a façade for a more complex situation which originates from money interests.


Money and wars


Beyond the wars in many African places there is a continuous seek for gold, diamonds and precious materials that are used in the informatics industry to produce small parts of mobiles and computers.

That’s why the western part of the world still has its interests in focusing on the wars in Africa.

In particular, the crimes against humanity are worldwide known and codified by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and are hard offenses and serious attacks on human dignity. Many people are degraded by soldiers to do things that are very humiliating or to suffer for scarves and tortures till to die.


Religious conflicts


Another large part of wars, such in Syria, are due to religious conflicts. Muslims and Christians or Muslims and Hebrews can’t share the same places because of what Koran says.

Murders, rapes, religious persecutions and other horrible things are considered crimes against humanity.  For more details consider that wars are not like games.

The Rome Statute wants to protect human rights all over the world and it originates from the Armenian Genocide in 1915 started by the Ottoman Government. Although, another serious and terrible Genocide was close to happen: the Holocaust by Hitler, which is the biggest crime against human rights.


This post has already been read 4787 times!

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