Defected soldiers deny allegations of surrendering to the national army

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Colonel Ndaisaba who defected with his Battalion together with the two colonels and six majors, has announced that reports of their force surrendering to the FARDC is “false”. Ndayisaba who was the commander in charge military intelligence and operations in 2nd Battalion of FARDC believes that the propaganda of surrendering to FARDC is run by government publicities and Monusco media.

The UN in Congo backed media reported Colonel Muhire the 802nd FARDC battalion also went to the military authorities Sunday, April 8 in Tongo, some fifty kilometers northwest of Goma (North Kivu) to report his interests to surrender but Col. Muhire also rubbished the claims.

“We can’t surrender to the FARDC forces, unless the cause is attended too. I had that those guys [FARDC] want to fight us, let them come. We are ready.” Col. Muhire said during the telephone interview.

Colonel Kayina, and other deserters from the 805th regiment, told Great Lakes Voice that all defectors are planning to meeting and make a union.

It’s reported that defectors of the 10th region are controlling the highlands of Uvira and Fizi (South Kivu) have indicated that their force has gained the support of residents who the majority are banyamulenge.

Pro-government reports said that defectors want Monusco to overseer their surrender.

“If the defectors demand the presence of Monusco, they need only to contact them and ask it to look for them where they are, and give them to the FARDC command” Didier Etumba, Congolese army chief said and warned that there is severe punishment to the unruly soldiers.


This post has already been read 4019 times!



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