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Kigali-Rwanda as has been appreciated by the world making business and other business entities for moving fast to save and serve her potential growing market and has done much in shaping the way services are delivered. Immediately after the 1994 Genocide everything had to be delivered in the humane aspect of people just remaking their livelihoods for exile and from the mayhem.

 There were small crowds here and there and only returnees knew how to give which services to whom and how, where and when. People who were just visiting Rwanda and may be resided in a hotel or guest will tell you that though they did not complain instantly to a waiter or waitress they did indeed left with some dissatisfaction and those that have bad temper could be holding grudges for not hit the tray in their faces and abandoned the hotel without paying bills. It is not their complaint alone even the government had to step in very fast to change things before everything spilt averse.

Some ate soap in their buffet for not thoroughly washing utensils, other were kept waiting out of patience for a cup of coffee not espresso or cappuccino no, they had to even ask the waiters to hurry up so that other important work is not destroyed. Complaints involved lack of education capacity, financial capability, business projection or orientation…to mention.

 These were just disturbing moments in the growing Heart of Africa market. The government fought yet another war to make sure that even the gathering market does not crumble. They initiated National Capacity Building Program which included many different programs for various market and service delivery segments which still enjoy the programs to this very day.

The programs and immediate train have reshaped and completely changed the way and the manner in which services are delivered in their respect.

Though, the training will continue through the Work Force Authority (WDA) Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) complaints and related be-grudgement and other things perceived as insults have and are drastically declining and the business and service delivery environment is rapidly improving to an unprecedented standards.

Today on a few complain that waiter (ess) is not jolly and fast  to serve their hunger, or that a mobile company does not provide all basic info or is too exorbitant- call unit prices are well defined in the regulating law; nobody is complaining of a stomachache or wet nose for stuffing various soap ingredients, or for not having an ATM card to save time from throngs waiting for services indoors; clients today can buy electricity,  send money, see different market prices, call a taxi and order hotels on their mobile phones-this wasn’t the service delivery climate from mid 90s to 2000.

 And even after the new millennia things hadn’t change until 2005 when competitors started registering for the Rwanda’s growing market, former mobile monopoly MTN then diversified with a range of services and altering the way they are delivered, Rwandatel was sold to Terracom but the latter cited financial constraints and left, Libyans took over and of late has subsided for entrants India’s Airtel;

former Diplomat Hotel- the only presidential suited was completely restructured with an Intercontinental label offering international standard services and was sold for a good deal to Serena which delivers the best for every client with clear sight on their watch.

Transports was also hauled with well organized companies for a reasonable fare relative to the hiking fuel prices even conductor and taxi drivers have learnt to respect their passengers due to organized excellent service delivering companies that don’t have to wait on stages for a potential passenger out of their closest sight-no passenger is complaining of delays and little on fare which will likely reduce with increase of organized transporters.

Luxurious places are coming up with trained service deliverers who nobody can complain before and about. The trend is likely to take yet again gain a more projective standard as Rwanda continues to climb the ladder to a more vigorous international services delivery market evolving with reeling competition.

Accessibility has been high on the agenda to ensure that almost every part of the Thousand Hills is accessible in the most appropriated and fastest time possible. From the bedroom to the snack bar, to the hotel, to the internet café, to the bank, to the library, to the post, on the taxi to…mention but all has changed to optimistic service delivering.






This post has already been read 11899 times!



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