Deputy ombudsman calls on civil society to act as a pressure power to government

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Deputy Rwanda’s ombudsman Bernadette Kanzayire some weeks back called on civil society to unit as a pressure group to act as intermediately force between citizens and the government.

The call was made during the commemoration of the staff and members of Rwanda civil society who lost their lives during 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

“All the civil society organisations in Rwanda were established as a result of the social and political harassment and abuse against human rights.” She said adding that “you need to speak for the common man not going in bed with politicians.”

Kimenyi a survivor and one of the founders of Rwanda’s human rights organization, Kanyarwanda, in his testimony said Habyarimana’s government had no vision of protecting all citizens.

“When the former President Habyarimana, said in Mutara , near the front line, that if RPF-Inkotanyi pushes the then regular army backward, the government would revenge by killing the Tutsi civilians in the country. We knew that he has lost legitimacy.” Kimenyi said

According to Kanzayire, the then civil society that put government on pressure during 90’s,  wondering whether the civil society today can risk their lives for the good cause.

“I employ you to fight division among yourselves, fear, and enriching yourselves,” Kanzayire advised.

Bernadette KANZAYIRE holds a Bachelors ‘Degree in Law obtained in September 1990 at the National University of Rwanda. Before occupying political posts, including being a legislator, Bernadette KANZAYIRE exercised the profession as a private lawyer since August 1997 until April 2006.

This post has already been read 5177 times!

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1 Comment

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