Did Gaddafi’s fall evolve or was a Hollywood kind of plotting?

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By Timothy Muvunyi

 Fact that the ‘continent’ is the main battle field of all conflicts of interest stimulates even the indigenous of all ignorant to meditate a myriad about what is befalling them and dispersing their impoverished innocent lives.

The hell that landed on Libya from Benghazi and turning into the rapid down fall of Africa’s respected Colonel and his hiding in the underworld of the Northern Desert is just too perplexing and sometimes a fantasy.

It is quite hard to imagine why for all the forty plus years the Colonel did not think about handing over to his siblings in a nation that had abided for all those decades. He had all the weapons and finance to do that without any repulsive efforts.

It is not failure to do that but rather suspiciously a well mediated, organized Hollywood kind of war fare that would tarnish yet etching Muammer Gaddafi on the tabloids of great history as well as handing power to some rebel group and possibly head of state that would never be linked to his family tree whatsoever.

He captured power after a bloody coup and what goes around comes around his also down –fine movie shot. He was insisting and advocating that Africa be a United States of Africa and this pleased all but a few heads of states on the continent. It is hard to just say that some of his counterparts could have been behind his elimination but, could be suspected rather.

The Libyan masses have also showed a strong hand in evolving and plotting against their long living president. The US then stepped in asking him to stop flying and bombing and proceeded by bombarding some parts of Libya with their new thrift warplanes.

The whole war is blown out as a hocus pocus mess and hunger for democracy that would never be resolved in the safest stage but end up killing off a toll of innocent countrymen and exile their leader, all suddenly. Could it be that the great coup plotter was for the his four decade tenure thinking, meditating, pondering and organizing his soldiers to play a movie warfare, just look at the brand new vehicles, the young chaps, moral and the pace of the war and intervention; tells it all-the Best Dictator’s Oust/Downfall warfare.

The intervention could have involved democratically elected head of states from the AU, EU, China and the US as a few bullets blew from Benghazi even before there was internal and cross-boarder fleeing. The Libyan leader could have thought about that but, it was not the actual response.

Or could have retaliated and finished the rebels in the small perimeters and why couldn’t he with all the warplanes? He evidently decided, for any analytical pundit, to play the African power hierarchy warfare in a more intricate style never to be known by the international community and ever to be digested by Libyans.

The fact that he lost some of his family members throw everything affray, could he conspire a killing of some family members and for what hell on earth would that be for? His hiding antics, however, reminds people of the down fall of Saddam Hussein, the arrest of Liberian dictator Charles Tailor and the recent sniping of the world’s greatest terrorist Bin Laden.

Gaddafi is tactfully trying to end in the safe hands of the Interpol, the International Criminal Court and relax in the Hague. And if he, like he insists, persists with another repulsive war game could recapture power and immediately hand it like it’s hot  to a family member, possibly his American educated son and, rule Libya yet again and for the his entire life behind him.


He and in fact is shot in best selling Hollywood movies and one of Africa’s long serving leader is a history topic.



The author is a journalist in Rwanda.



This post has already been read 22593 times!

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