DR Congo goes to polls today

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By Great Lakes Voice Team

Kinshasa, DRC-voting is underway in Democratic Republic of Congo, where citizens are casting their ballots choosing the president and 500 legislators. Fears of violence have been on air and accusations of fraud had mulled the whole process but our reporter in Kishansa says poll stations opened on time and in peaceful climate.

The pools are reported to be heavily guarded by the police and security organs in DRC, however our reporter in Southern Kivu Jean Luc Ndaruhutse say that there is fear of Kamerhe, PARCO and Mai Mai alliance to oppose the outcome.

Opposition candidate Vital Kamerhe says his campaign has evidence of fictitious polling stations meant to deceive voters and of ballots already marked for President Kabila.

As European Union, African Union, is closely monitoring the polls, experts believe that it’s not a matter who is going to win election, but who has power to fix results.

Josephine Lukoya, Great lakes Voice reporter in Kisangani, says Thshisekedi party is expected to win the landslide in the area. It has been a contentious campaign, especially for those challenging incumbent President Joseph Kabila.

At least three people were killed and many more wounded Saturday when riot police fired bullets and tear gas at supporters of the leading opposition candidate Etienne Tshisekedi.  He has already proclaimed himself president and says he will contest any outcome that does not show him winning this vote.

Vote counting begins as soon as polls close Monday, with final results to be announced before Kabila’s current mandate expires December 6.



This post has already been read 7338 times!



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