DRC: Cholera out break spreads in Equateur province

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By Josephine Lukoya and agencies

The cholera outbreak continues to spread particularly in the Equateur province since its declaration in May, great lakes voice reports.

To date, at least 842 cases including 66 deaths have been registered in that province. UN mission in DR-Congo, MONUSCO, UNICEF and MSF / Belgium have decided to work together to contribute in the cholera battle.

Areas mostly affected by cholera in Equateur is, Makanza zone which has got all most no health centers and accessibility is a problem due to lack of infrastructures.

Evidences show that Cholera is increasing, 280 cases including 20 deaths are officially reported by the provincial officials.

In this area and in many others, lack of medical kits makes it difficult to care for all patients.

The crisis committee set up in the province had appealed to humanitarian to intervene according to the announcement that was sent to great lakes voice.

MONUSCO just answered this call by making available to the committee boat for the delivery of medical kits to health zones along the Congo River.

The kits are offered by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef). Bosondjo, Pimu, Lisala, Makanza, Lolanga, Lilanga, Irebu Lukolela and will be among the beneficiaries of the ride river vessel MONUSCO has reported.

In addition, UNICEF has also investigated and deals with the training of health workers to prevent contamination such as Lukolela where a nurse treating the sick died of cholera.

As for MSF / Belgium, the NGO provides this expertise combined action.

A mission of the NGO visited Lukolela to see the opportunity to install another treatment center of the disease after one of Mbandaka

This post has already been read 7074 times!



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