DRC: Katanga activists want international tribunal for economical crimes created

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By Josephine Lukoya

The chairman of the consultative Civil Society of Katanga, Jean-Pierre Muteba Saturday, March 17 pleaded for the creation of an international criminal tribunal whose task will be to punish economic crimes.

The call was made during a meeting organized by civil society to welcome the conviction of Thomas Lubanga by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes. For Jean-Pierre Muteba, a court would discourage economic looting of the wealth of the DRC.

“All these wars we have known all that Thomas Lubanga and others have done is to operate and access to natural resources,” he says.


Former warlord from Ituri, Thomas Lubanga was convicted of war crimes by the International Criminal Court for conscripting its UPC militia of children under 15 years he used as fighters for controlling mining areas in Ituri.


The ICC prosecutor requested a sentence of 30 years imprisonment against him.

Jean-Pierre Muteba think there is a court that will suppress economic crimes would “pursue all those who at one time or another, have jeopardized the country’s interest, by selling a security, shares, of shares, or by allowing foreign armies to access our resources illegally. ”

He argues that “a tribunal to try economic crimes could help the country to be a more respectable country where people are afraid of the public good.”

The head of the civil society also requires the exploitation of the relationship, including the mapping of the United Nations, to identify those responsible for looting the national and international level. These people could be prosecuted in court which he calls for the creation.

Jean-Pierre Muteba considers the looting of natural resources of the DRC acts as reprehensible as “war crimes or crimes against humanity.”

This post has already been read 9034 times!



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