DRC: Land conflict claims three in Mbujimayi

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By Josephine Lukoya

Kivu-A new land conflict has killed three people in Kamiji located about 100 km south of Mbuji-Mayi (Kasai Oriental) great lakes voice reports.

 The fighting pitted Saturday, July 16, involving members of the local Bena Bena Nkelende with those of Nyoka.

The Bena Nkelende claim property rights on land currently occupied by Bena Nyoka. They believe that they are not the true indigenous and therefore have no right to occupy them.

“Years ago they [Bena Nyoka] have settled on the land by use of force. They continue to exploit and we prohibit the passage of this part, “complained the Bena Nkelende member.

To recover the portion of the disputed land, the Bena Bena Nkelende attacked Nyoka, armed with bladed weapons: arrows, spears, machetes and clubs, witnesses said.

Supported by the community Bakwa Nsanga, the Bena Nyoka responded to the assault of Bena Nkelende killing three people, say the sources.

Hearing the case, the Provincial Minister of the Interior says his office is monitoring the situation on the ground in conjunction with the administrator of the territory of Kamiji.

In addition, the district police arrived Muen Monday, July 18 for a mission interposition pending a durable solution. But the tension between the conflicting parties remains visible, say the witnesses.

This post has already been read 5845 times!



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