DRC: M23 issues ultimatum to Congolese regular army

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By Robert Mugabe

LT COL Kazarama in army green

Goma-DRC- Mutineers grouped under movement for 23, March (M23) have issued ultimatum of one month, for DRC regular army, FARDC, lay down arms and join M23 or face rebels’ wrath, Great Lakes Voice reports.

On the telephone interview, Col. Vianny Kazarama, M23 spokesperson, told this publication, that FARDC has lost the battle to the extent that “Kishansa government has no another option left, just negotiate”

“Kabila forces are removing off military uniforms and run. They are intimidated by the civilian residents. They (FARDC) have failed to act as soldiers. We give them one month to join M23 forces or be considered as enemies,” Kazarama said

According to Kazarama, M23 will take over Goma if Kabila’s government continues to harass their people. “Our people are already in Goma, what are you asking about capturing Goma, anytime Kabila troops harass residents we take over without excuse.”

Great Lakes Voice has witnessed a convoy of FARDC troops leaving Katindo barracks heading to Sake today. Also understands that Goma have been infiltrated my M23 posing as refugees in civilian, with guns in their belongs confirmed by FADC officials

FARDC eastern Congo spokesperson Olivier Hamuli, did not want to react on the ultimatum when contacted. When asked about UN security condemnations of M23 and argue M23 to stop all advances to Goma, Colonel Kazarama said UN Security Council are politicians, while M23, are no politicians just soldiers.

“UN Security Council has failed to take a stand on Syria, how do we expect to cater for African issues? We’re not politicians. We’re soldiers that happen to stand for our rights in our country.” Kazarama said

Last weekend, in Ruberu, FARDC forces divided and fought each other following M23 threats.

Another armed group born in Butembo

FARDC forces have been engaged in the new fighting at the border between Uganda and DRC in Bwera, Kasindi near Butembo. The fighting started at 0500hrs-0600hr local time. FARDC reported one injury. Sources in FARDC say the militias are said to be royal to Mbusa Nyamwisi. And FARDC is still controlling the area.


This post has already been read 5706 times!



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