DRC:New crashes of FDLR, Mai Mai, FARDC left six dead

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By Robert Mugabe, Josephine Lukoya, Eduard Katanguliya and agencies

FDLR forces

A soldier of the FARDC and the FDLR two alleged scouts were killed in a clash between the two groups in the night from Friday to Saturday, September 24, in Mwenga in South Kivu. A Fizi, three fighters from the Mai-Mai group Yakotumba and a soldier in another clash on Friday.

The police chief of coaching in the Kitutu Mwenga confirmed that the FDLR elements came to plunder the population and occupy the square of the mining village of Kwakitumba, Friday evening, when they were faced with face elements of the 102nd regiment of the FARDC on patrol.

On the telephone interview with the spokesman of the Amani Leo confirmed to the Great Lakes Voice, the two deaths, a soldier of the FARDC and the FDLR elements.

Population, who fled the fighting, consists mostly displaced from Shabunda, one hundred thirty families, said the police chief of administrative supervision.

Calm returned on Saturday morning in the town of Kamituga Kitindi A50 from Winchester, home town of Mwenga.

Further south in the province, civil society reported another clash between the soldiers of the 105th regiment and the militia group Yakotumba Thursday in the towns of Nemba, Katenga and Misha.

He killed three people in the ranks of militiamen and death on the side of the FARDC.

A local tribal chief said that “the FARDC had withdrawn from these communities due to lack of ammunition of war.”

The spokesman of the Amani Leo in South Kivu has rejected this claim.

“There was no confrontation in Fizi,” he said, adding that some FARDC soldiers would be withdrawn from the first front line in the town of Katenga to withdraw their biometric cards.

This post has already been read 11188 times!



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