DRC: Political parties struggle to align ahead of election

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The Convention on the Congolese Emirates (CCU) Lambert Mende and the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) of Azarias Ruberwa, respectively out of the presidential majority and opposition, has closed their convention Thursday, August 18 regular policy.

The appointment of presidential candidates and updating of structures for the smooth running of the party are among the major decisions from these meetings.

Regarding the presidential, the CCU, which organized its first national congress, has appointed Joseph Kabila, the current President of the Republic, as its candidate in the election of November 28, 2011.

In this regard, Lambert Mende, Minister of Communication and moral authority of CUC, said Joseph Kabila meets all the criteria required for the position of president. He mentioned in passing qualities such as intelligence, good health, a sense of dialogue and moderation.

RCD for a single candidate

The RCD, for its part, has not named its presidential candidate. But through its second national congress, it has formalized its intention to support the single candidate that “the


Opposition must designate”

Moreover, this major decision, both parties, each according to his needs, deliberated on other aspects related to the operation of their organizations.

Thus, the CCU and the RCD have unveiled their respective candidates in the parliamentary elections of November 2011. The UCC, for example, has aligned two hundred eighty-one candidates’ eighty-five constituencies.

This post has already been read 7144 times!



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