DRC: the assassination of a tribal chief in South Kivu sows trouble between communities

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By Josephine Lukaya

It is a well-organized commando who shot four times in the head a tribal chief, Mwami Ndabagoy, on the evening of Wednesday, April 25, 2012. The assassination has raised tensions as his people vow to fight back. Until yesterday, the governor called calm.

After years of exile in Uganda and Kinshasa, the mwami had repeatedly claimed that he restores his power. This should be done in the coming days. Mayougui Ndazima Thomasse, the representative of the community Barundi the Ruzizi plain, is shocked.

“This is a circumstance which is beyond comprehension, it has outraged them. That is why the community is in distress. Without the mwami, a people does not exist. It is the fact that the value mwami. But we want peace, so we did not take up arms to tackle those who committed these crimes until now! “.

The Governor of South Kivu, Tshisambo Marcelin, who also negotiated and organized the return of mwami Ndabagoy, as his people were expecting to hold a function to bring them together. The current tribal chief, Bike Rusagaka (community Fuliiru) was eventually accepted.

The Governor has called for calm and promises that justice will at the end of its investigation. “We must cultivate patience to let justice do its job, he argues. I was told in a very clear by the Head of State, that the case should go to the end. It will require the perpetrators are arrested. We call for calm and serenity. Requires that communities understand that it is in the interest of everyone that peace remains. ”

Mwami Ndabagoy will be buried Sunday in Luberizi in the presence of officials from Kinshasa.

The assassination of a tribal chief in South Kivu has revived ethnic conflict. This chief, according Mwami is known locally, belonged to the community that competes Barundi has always been the traditional power with another community, who currently leads the area and had agreed to sell. Suspended from his duties as head of community in 1996, the mwami its traditional function was to meet this week

This post has already been read 9731 times!

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1 Comment

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