DRC:M23 halts offensive, give a chance to Kampala talks

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By Josephine Lukoya

As M23 commander, Gen Sultan Makenga is in Kampala to hold talks with Uganda’s President Yoweli K Museveni who is ICGLR chair and President Joseph Kabila Kabange, M23 efforts to capture Minova has be halted.

Mai Mai have been fighting in Minova town and parts neighbouring Sake,last evening M23 has franked the town of Minova ready to capture the town.

Asked about the gun fires herd near Minova and villages near Sake, Col. Vianny Kazarama told exclusively Great Lakes Voice that M23 has temporary stopped offensive assault against Congolese regular army to give a chance to Kampala peace talks.

“We are not fighting now. It’s just some response to FARDC desperate shootings. We are not advancing now,” Kazarama said

Kagame, Kaguta and Kabila had agreed to ask M23 leave Goma and engage in talks, but M23 said they were not a part of Kampala summit. the three men will be having Makenga along side in tomorrows talks.

The advancement of M23 has influenced Kabila sack land forces chief of staff citing arming armed groups.

Sources in Bukavu say M23 is widely expected by the residents. M23 say they want to bring down Kabila’s government.

This post has already been read 5119 times!

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1 Comment

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