DRC’s insecurity: A thorn in the fresh

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Alphonse Rutazigwa


Normally any country any where deserves security as a fundamental cornerstone for other national businesses to take off, whether in the field of development and social welfare in general.

However, the most important and fundamental is the country’s sovereignty, as a prerequisite for the acquisition of the above mentioned, thus acting as a precursor for harmony and development, as the two are inseparable.

By the virtue of the fact that DRC was turned into the hub of Interahamwe, the former Rwanda Armed Forces commonly known as EX-FAR and many other villainous groups that have gripped the Nation by the neck.

Nevertheless, the fact that the then Zaire’s administration allowed in the fidgeting defunct Rwanda Armed Forces and the Interahamwe to enter their territory with arms, hence very well aware of the international principle which stipulates that no refugee shall enter a host nation with any fire arm, hence making it illegal, but on the side of the former Zaire’s administration defied the principle, thereby making their country a prey to the people who had carried out genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

As a matter of fact, DRC has a herculean task to accomplish, which is disarming the armed gangs operating there, after all, they (the then Zaire administration) who facilitated these killers the host nation while armed to the teeth.

It is therefore out of this context that the present DRC administration is finding a rocky road ahead, yet no any other alternative, apart from confronting, the likes of FDLR, Interahamwe and the Ex-FAR, as the only way out of creating a breathing space for its citizenry, otherwise the current fracas might linger  for some quite long time, however, it is not a matter of having a pessimistic attitude, because many steps have already been made but virtually making no significant positive change to the current carnage, if no immediate remedy is put in place, another Somali could be arising within the Great Lakes Region In trying to harm others, we end up harming ourselves, and it is out of this observation that would serve as an example not to emulate the bad example Zaire made by allowing refugees to enter with their weapons, which gave rise to the current mayhem, which has in turn forced the population to cry foul, as a result of the then careless regime.

The presence of the perpetrators of Genocide against the Tutsi in DRC can be likened to an elephant in the room, not only for the DRC’s leadership, but to the region as a whole, that is why it is imperative for finding a lasting global solution to the Congo riddle, because the current astronomical amount of dollars used by the MONUSCO have not yielded any fruit, because the fighters within the huge Central African State have resisted them, despite the logistics at their disposal, and the size of the force.

Virtually Congo is at the cross roads, and to exacerbate the situation, accusations and counter accusations are overlapping what would have been otherwise the path towards finding a lasting solution. Let the attitude of who did this, and who did not that stop, because I think it would not be convenient to make encounter in countless labeling in regard to whom is fuelling the stampede in that conflict ridden country.

Let MONUSCO be given a broader mandate of restoring peace and tranquility in DRC, after all, the period they have spent there is long, and there is no way they the UN, Human Rights Watch would be looking for escapism, thereby putting in place a blame game which in itself is useless and counterproductive to both the Citizens DRC and the region as a whole.

As evidenced in the 1960s Congo Kinshasa managed to get herself out of the political crise she had been plunged in by the by politicians like the Moise Tchombe, the Kasavub, the Murere and others.

The major mission of MONUSCO was to disarm the Interahamwe, after getting an additional reinforcement of about 3000 additional personnel so as to enable them accomplish the mission, but this has done nothing to improve the security situation on the ground, moreover, the UN Body with its arm in DRC posing as MONUSCO is the only body that has the budget, yet it is not delivering, what could be missing so as to solve the DRC problem once and for all?

Unfortunately MONUSCO has gone off the track, because they MONUSCO and FRDC are fighting Gen Bosco Ntaganda, as if he was the one that committed genocide,as a reminder, the logistics that are intended to fight Gen Ntaganda end up in the hands of Interahamwe, simply because FRDC alone is incapable of fighting Interahamwe, as experience has shown.


This post has already been read 8114 times!



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