DRC:Tshisekedi is a bad example in the generation-Communication Minister

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By Josephine Lukoya

Media, Communication Minister, Lambert Mende

Kinshasa, DRC-Congolese Minister of Media and spokesperson for the Congolese government, Lambert Mende, said Friday that “The oath of Etienne Tshisekedi is a non-event, politically and legally as the unmeaning full.” The leader of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDDPS), sworn in on Friday at his home in front of some activists and opposition members as elected president.

Challenging the victory of Joseph Kabila in the presidential election of November 28, the opposition has been calling the election fraud and mulled by “acts of corruption.”

“You can feel the sadness that this act before signing it the forfeiture of a man we had learned over the years to follow in his convictions,” said Lambert Mende.

According to Lambert Mende, Etienne Tshisekedi “monkey has taken the oath against President Joseph Kabila may be in order to ridicule his opponent.”

The government spokesman said that the act committed by the opposition leader was “a bad example he gives to generations that should have raised an example of fair play.”

On Friday, December 23 in the morning, police blocked all the exits leading to 10th Street, home of the UDPS and the residence of the leader of that party.

Congolese Police scattered the UDPS supporters on their way to the stage of Martyrs which was scheduled the ceremony of “swearing in” of their leader. Several activists were arrested.

One supporter died electrocuted in the municipality of Kalamu side of the intersection of youth Matonge. Pursued by police officers, he would have walked on the electric son.

Another person was injured by a stray bullet in the same municipality


This post has already been read 6374 times!

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1 Comment

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